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Whats new in SAP Solution Manager 7.2?

Posted by: Mohammad

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as per Market reports, was scheduled to be available in market, by 2015 end, but now has been postponed to probably, 2016 Q2. Looking forward to some large scale changes, to be introduced this time. Here I am trying to put in all the information I gathered from different sources.


Would like to state that this blog is an output of different study materials and sources, and can be a bit different from the planned final delivery.


  • 1 was IT/Operations focused, so, to balance it, SolMan 7.2 is more“Business Processes Oriented”, with a goal of involving more and more Business Process Experts.


  • In 7.1, you can’t useSolution Documentation without a landscape, (you have to maintain logical component in solar t-codes). For 7.2, SAP want to decouple the documentation from the actual landscape.


  • Out of several concepts of Solution Manager, for Solution Documentation in SolMan 7.1, we have 2- Project and Solution. You need to create a Project and a Solution (later, if you transfer your documentation, from an Implementation Project to a Maintenance Project), if you want to document anything in SolMan 7.1. Solution Manager 7.2 is expected to remove this issue by integrating Projects and Solution, and introducingOne Common directory for Business Process documentation.


  • Now, we have something called, RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) Content to replace the backbone of all Non-technical SolMan functionalities-Business Process Repository. Another way of SAP to lay more stress on Rapid Deployment Solutions.


  • SAP has decided to get rid ofSOLAR Transactions in 7.2 that form the foundation of Solution Documentation functionality, till 7.1, and are used to create, manage and do some reporting on your documentation project. In their place, SAP is introducing two mains views: The Solution Landscape UI, and the Solution Documentation UI.


  • In 7.1, Documentation functionality of Solution Manager offers a 3 levels hierarchy: Scenarios, Business Process and Process Steps. Now, when SOLAR transactions are not there anymore, with 3 levels still there, SAP gives the option toAdd as many levels (boxes) to it.


  • If you want to maintain your different documentations without affecting your productive solution, even if you don't have the implementation/maintenance projects anymore (Remember the concepts of Project and Solution, explained above?),


  • 2 adds a new layer ofSolution Documentation & Change Request Management, by automatically making your maintenance documentation productive, the moment your ticket turns productive.


  • There are some/moreManagement options going to be introduced in Solution Documentation and Change Request Management, by SAP. We might get some new transactions types for IT and Business Requirements.


  • Number of logical components also, might also be getting reduced.


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